BCJ CEO, Justin Young, featured on TD Elite Linc 2019 RIA Panel

Speaking on an RIA panel during this year’s TD Elite Linc conference, Justin touched on some of the major issues affecting business growth for both advisors and RIA’s. Recognized by TD Ameritrade as a pacesetter in the RIA space, BCJ embraces challenges in remaining independent, shifting to efficient technologies and providing customized service models.

Talent Search

Finding great talent is difficult. Justin spoke to the group about the challenge of focusing on hiring talent with extreme focus on the industry. “Everything is teachable but the core customer service skills,” he said. Even meeting a barista at a coffee shop with good customer service skills is a potential hire, he said. “I tell my team to keep an eye on those people. Start a relationship.”

Capacity Models

He also expanded on how he uses capacity models to better gauge efficiencies of roles and responsibilities, and utilizes performance management software to help his team grow. Justin states, “I came from a technology background, so I embrace tech in this space. If we use it properly it can help empower our teams.”

Freedom of Efficiency

The power service is BCJ’s main focus. “We help our advisors scale their businesses with so many different options. No matter how they piece together what we have to offer, our service model gives the exactly what they need the most – time.” Justin refers to this à la carte service method as freedom of efficiency. He adds, “If you are efficient, you are free to give more of your time to your clients.”

Passion for Independence

Justin is passionate about supporting the truly independent advisor. As a panelist, Justin discussed his personal challenges within the business, in his management role, as well as his focus on keeping BCJ “tight knit,” with a culture of support, growth, opportunity, and family – which is of great personal importance to Justin.

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