BCJ Elite Service Team

Angela Talbot

Director, Trading Operations

Angela is responsible for daily account reconciliation, research, model design, trading and quarterly performance reporting. She is the point of contact for advisors for learning the BCJ models, setting up advisor online access to view their clients’ accounts and account performance, performance questions and trading questions.

Stephanie Kotula

Operations Support

Stephanie works with our CEO in managing the day-to-day operations at BCJ, as well as acting as a central point of contact through initial advisor transitions, then remaining as a continuous resource for support to our advisors and their teams.

Ethan Venvertloh

Trading & Portfolio Manager

Ethan supports our in-house trading operations including model enrollments, rebalances, reporting, research, and trading.  

Sara Johnson

Compliance & Retirement Benefit Coordinator

Sara assists with compliance oversight and works closely with our compliance team and consultant. She also provides service and support for the NextLevel(k)

Alexsa Young

Director, Marketing

Alexsa is the director of branding and marketing communications for the firm. She manages the development and implementation of BCJ marketing projects and acts as the point of contact for items including BCJ websites, BCJ social media, co-branding projects, marketing collateral (digital and print), email marketing, specialty projects and more. In addition, Alexsa manages compliance review for marketing items for both the firm and our advisors.

Tiffany Solomon

Advisor Services Specialist, LADL Business

Tiffany is assists in billing management as well as our LADL business. In this area, she is responsible for the submissions of new business from agent appointment, to illustration support, application submission, underwriting, and placement.

Natalie Anderson

Service Center Coordinator

Natalie is the point of contact for assistance with proposals, applications and account transfers within the Proposal System – acting as the liaison between our custodians and the advisors/solicitors. Natalie also assists with trade requests within the company and creating reports.

Amber Swope

Advisor Services Specialist

Amber assists advisors with applications and account transfers, as well as CRM update.