A comprehensive approach to your wealth management business.


We focus on building a strong platform with flexible options for you and your client. With hundreds of millions of assets currently under management and advisement, we have the size to provide scale and cost efficiencies, yet are small enough to allow you to maintain client intimacy and the ability to provide custom, life-relative solutions.

Advisors need consistent support and cutting-edge strategies to compete in this ever changing market. Our team of specialists have the knowledge and experience to complement your current business model while opening new opportunities to gain access to new clients.

Customized Investment Planning

We provide an expanded platform managed by a team of committed and experienced professionals. BCJ provides unique portfolios designed to actively manage risk/return metrics to increase client success. We offer both traditional strategic allocations as well as models that are more actively managed tactically and are more unconstrained. Some advisors just adopt our models. Others use these models to integrate with their own core strategies. We also provide ongoing market commentary, written in house and distributed to advisors, clients and on our blog. We host a monthly update call for all advisors on our platform.

About BCJ

At BCJ, we believe in a combination of fundamental investment analysis combined with a quantitative approach. We focus on the goal of providing the best of asset allocation, along with active risk management, to achieve greater returns in times of market expansion. We seek to provide real and active risk management to dramatically reduce downside risk during the painful and extreme downturns of the market.

To do this we have partnered with BlackRock® and, for a unique strategy, Ned Davis Research. BCJ uses these two sources to bring unique risk management along with tremendous performance that has proven to be consistent and statistically relevant. This is especially true for clients that seek consistency of returns along with low cost and complete transparency.

The BCJ Investment Platform is built to support the individual advisor’s ability to customize solutions for the client’s goals while relieving advisors of the responsibilities of model creation, management and trading. The firm’s approach is not to have a fixed, firm level solution, but to create a number of internal strategic and tactical models, as well provide access to outside SMA programs that the advisor can blend together to create the proper investment portfolio within the context of the client’s goals. Based on partnerships with industry leaders like, and along with customized and unique strategies designed and maintained exclusively at BCJ, we offer advisors the opportunity to set themselves apart as leaders in asset management.


BCJ 401(k) Services

NextLevel(k) is our flexible and comprehensive service option for 401(k) services. Driven by robust technology, systems and services our program gives advisors the unique ability to help create successful retirement plan outcomes for both plan sponsors and participants.

Our service model is a comprehensive offering and provides advisors with everything from plan design, benchmarking and investment advice, to TDF suitability, fiduciary compliance and support for participant outcomes.

Our program is unique because allows you to receive and provide streamlined servicing. From prospecting and marketing, to design, implementation and plan maintenance – we are here as your 401(k) team. In addition, our platform provides freedom of choice for plan sponsors that are comfortable developing their own allocations, while also offering solutions for the majority of participants that need additional guidance – including, in some cases, access to specific BCJ Models.

  • 3(38) Investment Management option – BCJ serves as the discretionary advisor role, assuming fiduciary status
  • Institutionally-priced funds for professionally constructed and managed investment models and/or target date fund access
  • Independent open architecture providers allowing for more flexibility within plan construction
  • Industry-leading tools for investment analysis, including fi360 Methodoloy