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A truly independent platform for financial advisors with the freedom to choose and the superior servicing to build your business.
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Let’s Work Together

Working With BCJ

The roadmap you need to lead you through a successful transition requires the support and expertise of a firm that is focused on helping advisors grow their business. This roadmap should entail every aspect of a streamlined move, giving you a holistic transitioning program that provides you with the assistance necessary to build and maintain an independent and successful practice.


We provide the infrastructure, an unprecedented investment platform, integrated state-of-the-art technology, and knowledgeable business service team you are looking for. Not only do we provide a strong investment platform with easy-to-use and flexible options for you and your client, our group offers advisors strategic partnerships and alliances, giving you an extensive range of products and services, not accessible to most advisors. Most importantly, your clients will always be your clients. They will never belong to BCJ.


As your “advisor,” BCJ can help you develop your transition roadmap. Prior to transition, we can help you establish if our firm aligns with your professional outlook. During, our established onboarding process will guide you through the transition paperwork and will provide the necessary training needed to familiarize you with our processes and technology. After the transition, our team will continue to support you behind the scenes, alleviating administrative burdens for you by handling the details involved with client management.


BCJ has the tools that will not only help you transition, but will help you build your business – the way you want to build it.

Start your journey with BCJ.