Integrated Marketing Support

We understand that consumers today have many choices – and many more resources to research those choices. With this said, we know how important it is to create and maintain trust, provide a differentiator, and be dependable and responsive to clients and their needs. We strive to be a culture that provides a story to connect to, a mission to follow, and a meaningful solution for clients.

We have a deep understanding of the impact of accurate target marketing, and we work closely with our advisors to understand their clientele. Through this understanding we are able to develop tailored marketing strategies that are efficient and targeted.

In order to fill the need for marketing support, BCJ has developed their in-house marketing services to include everything from digital and print solutions, to marketing education, event support and more.

In addition, our marketing team spends countless hours growing our resource library and researching additional marketing solutions to support our advisors.

Marketing Resources

This powerful, automated digital marketing platform not only streamlines your online marketing, it requires virtually no effort on your part. With this amazing, integrated tool, you can help enhance and develop your client/prospect relationships through credible and engaging content.

From newsletters, email, website posts, and social media posts, BCJ manages your content stream from start to finish.

We choose targeted articles to share, perform compliance review, build your newsletters, and distribute your emails or post to your social media accounts according to your automated schedule – and you don’t have to lift a finger.

In addition, this system integrates with our CRM, allowing you to efficiently manage your email distribution lists directly within the CRM system.

Our marketing team spends countless hours growing our marketing resource library found on the BCJ intranet. This marketing library is stocked with digital and print solutions focused in all areas of financial planning.

Within this library you will have access to compliance approved, BCJ branded materials including:

  • Email templates
  • Custom articles
  • Videos Presentations
  • Brochures & Whitepapers
  • Infographics
  • Exclusive BCJ Insights Specials

Our email marketing support gives you the ability to build campaigns directly with our marketing team, who will manage your email marketing efforts from start to finish. This service includes development, implementation and reporting for your campaigns.

We work behind the scenes to distribute content on your behalf, keeping your name in front of the client while also maintaining your email lists to keep you aligned with compliance requirements.

As a social media presence becomes more important for both individual professionals and their businesses, establishing an online presence is vital.

Maintaining a consistent distribution calendar is the best way to boost social media presence however, we understand that for many advisors, managing this social media calendar can be next to impossible because it requires time dedicated to research, compliance approval, and scheduling.

At the firm level, we have converted our social media presence to an ezSocial Media Library.

For advisors who choose to align with the BCJ brand have the ability to direct clients and prospects to our business Facebook and LinkedIn pages, as if they were your own. A significant benefit to this solution, is that we manage the archiving and surveillance behind our business social media pages, at no cost to you – keeping your social media streams up-to-date, and compliant.

For those advisors who practice under their own brand or who manage their own social media, but want to avoid the downtime for research and compliance review, we have streamlined the process for you. Our marketing team performs the research, manages compliance review, and distributes the posts – giving you a one click solution to social media management.

All you have to do is simply “Share.”

We want to help you keep your clients informed because it is important to know what is going on in the world today. BCJ Insights provides readers with thought pieces on many financial topics including financial planning, business, insurance, retirement and more.

We work endlessly to create relevant custom content for our advisors to use as a promotional and educational marketing tool. We produce multiple articles each month on the blog. We also distribute these posts through our social media platforms, creating limitless possibilities for sharing valuable content and creating conversations with both clients and prospects.

This lead generation tool provides you with an individualized Wealth Focus website integrated with your own financial planning tool, our chosen asset management tool and an insurance quote generator. We consider this a modern alternative to the robo-driven platforms that are available because it combines three aspects of holistic planning – financial planning, asset management, and insurance sales.

In order to help our advisors develop their knowledge and understanding of critical aspects of marketing and branding, we host internal webcasts – exclusive to our advisors and their staff.

We cover a variety of topics in the branding and marketing space including Marketing Trends, Successful Target Marketing, Client Experience, and more. Our team also creates educational resources for advisors in areas including “Using Social Media”, “Utilizing LinkedIn” and others. These resources can be live webinars, video tutorials and resource guides.

In order to help our advisors boost their client offering, we provide client-facing webinars hosted by our Chief Investment Officer, Ben Bimson CIMA® and guest hosts from various partners of BCJ.

Our exclusive webinars cover a wide array of financial planning topics, including everything from our bi-annual economic update and our BCJ Model overview, to Retirement Insights and Business Legacy Planning.

These webinars give you the opportunity to target niche markets and provide an interactive event for clients to attend.