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BCJ Elite Servicing

Service Offering

While you are developing client relationships and growing your business, our service center will be working behind the scenes, helping you to create a streamlined and efficient business without the administrative burdens.


The BCJ Service Center was created to assist advisors in growing their business and increasing their earning potential. Our service center team helps our advisors to focus on their clients and their businesses by providing a variety of administrative and management services.


Our support team assists advisors with services ranging from account creation and document management, to compliance review and trades. We will alleviate the administrative burden for you, by handling the details involved in client management.


Compliance Support


We have enhanced our compliance offering beyond in-house and broker-dealer compliance support. We have chosen to extend this offering to include an outside compliance consultant.


New Business Team


We provide a full-time New Business Processor that communicates with all BCJ carriers and advisors to expedite the underwriting process. The processor works with advisors through a real-time advisor dashboard to fulfill all outstanding requirements in fully processing new business.

“We provide a comprehensive support service that

will help advisors grow –or manage the growth

they have already achieved.”

Steve Captain, Vice President

Sample of Advisor Services

  • Trading and  Rebalancing
  • Compliance Review
  • Trading Paperwork for New and Existing Clients
  • New Account Paperwork: IPS, AMA, Solicitor Agreement, and more
  • Document Management
  • CRM Transition and Integration

Meet the Elite Team

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